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Reference Standards Management Program

Reference Standards Management Program

Symtera Analytics can provide solutions to your reference standards management program!

Reference standards can be shipped on a customized schedule to your desired locations under room temperature, refrigerated or dry ice (-20C) conditions in order to maintain sample integrity. Overnight delivery options ensure your reference standards are available when your laboratory needs them.


Symtera Analytics offers an extensive array of analytical services to customers with diverse requirements from around the world.

We have a wide range of storage suites available, including all ICH conditions, each fitted with a humidity generator to provide a controlled level of humidity and an indirect refrigeration system to help control the internal temperature of the room. Also, each storage suite is monitored by 21CFR Part 11 compliant 6180A Eurotherm Data Acquisition Systems (EDAS) and are all connected to a back-up generator.This ensures 100% operational redundancy and protects the integrity of your samples for assured sample safety.

With a full range of environmentally controlled chambers and ability to ship anywhere in the world, you can trust Symtera Analytics to manage your reference standards inventory throughout your drug product lifecycle!