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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about disinfectants

COVID-19 virus carries a specific charge on its membrane. To kill the virus, you must disrupt its membrane with a disinfectant which has the ability to damage the outer coat.  Not all disinfectants are engineered to do this effectively.  It is optimal to use disinfectants which have been tested specifically against COVID-19

While many disinfectants may kill COVID-19, it is important to understand that not all kill at the same rate within the same time period.  For example, some reagents may take up to 10 minutes to kill 99% of the virus.  It is important to know if the disinfectant you are using is fast acting and can kill within seconds.

It is vital to know that while some products can be quite effective against COVID-19 and other pathogens, they can still be irritants to the skin or other organs. Therefore, use a product that has ingredients which are approved by EPA and other global agencies for safety. These safe products generally do not require you to evacuate or wear any protective equipment while you apply the disinfectants.

WHO has listed special formulations which are effective against COVID-19.  It is important to use products which are formulated in accordance with the regulatory agencies.

You can consider using products engineered to sanitize and protect hands simultaneously. Using a moisturizer which can also disinfect the hands can be a solution. Remember to use one with approved ingredients

There are products which offer long-lasting effects, up to 8 weeks, to keep an area disinfected and the air purified. Consider using these products for your home, car, children’s play area or a common room.

Try using a fast-acting disinfectant to clean the car when you first start and at the end of your shift. In addition, add a long-lasting agent to keep the area disinfected and air purified for up to 4 weeks.

Yes, we have several products which use EPA approved ingredients and are safe around food.

No, all of our products are simple to use and are safe around children, pets and food.