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(1-cyanocyclohexyl)acetic acid

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EP Name: Gabapentin Impurity B Chemical Formula: C9H13NO2 MW: 167.21 Storage: +5 Cold Shipment: N Packing: 50

(1-cyanocyclohexyl)acetic acid

(1-cyanocyclohexyl)acetic acid
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  • CAS Number: 133481-09-1
  • Catalogue Number: 11-SA0701.02
  • API Name: Gabapentin
  • Chemical Name: 1-Cyanocyclohexaneacetic Acid
  • EP Name: Gabapentin Impurity B
  • USP Name: Gabapentin Related Compound B
  • USP Part Number: 1287347
  • MW: 167.21
  • Storage: +5
  • Packing: 50
  • Brand: Symtera Analytics
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Product Code: Gabapentin
  • Weight: 0.00
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