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PPE & Covid-19

Brand: PPE & Covid-19 Model: IgM/IgG Rapid Test kit
Symtera Analytics, LLC (USA) has partnered with Boston Molecules (USA) to offer their exclusive IgM/IgG Rapid Test kit for COVID-19 across the globe.Whole Blood TestingFaster processing timeCan be performed at POC (Point of Care)Minimize delays and burden on centralized labsCan be conducte..
FORMULATION KILLS 99% COVID-19 IN 30 SECONDS. Sterilization 99.9% Deodorization 99.8%  Ingredients are FDA, WHO, ISO 9001 CertifiedKills 99.9% bacteria, viruses, germs & microorganismsDeodorizes and purifies the air Covers a 16 foot radiusLong lasting - Disinfects for 30 daysE..
Novel Coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2)Antigen Rapid Test Cassete (swab)The easy rapid now test kit is a FAST, EASY AND COST EFFECTIVE solution for surveillance testing and monitoring. It can be  used during early onset of symptoms providing accurate results..
Brand: PPE & Covid-19 Model: Galaxy Antibacterial Hand Cream
Galaxy antibacterial hand cream is a “LIQUID GLOVE,” which kills 99.9% of germs on contact while moisturizing your skin with a silky blend of lanolin and aloe vera.   Independently proven to instantly kill 99.9% of germs including staph, aureus and E. coli. Medical stren..
Brand: PPE & Covid-19 Model: Galaxy Clean 9
Hand Wash & Disinfectant Effective Against Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi & SporesSUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY:Galaxy Clean 19 Hand Wash contains Silver Technology creating a barrier against bacteria and viruses on any surfaceTOTAL PROTECTION FOR YOUR HANDS:Practical &am..
Brand: PPE & Covid-19 Model: INOPUS
10 SECONDS IS ENOUGH 99.9% COVID-19 Elimination Rate10 SEC DISINFECTION PROJECT1O seconds on any surfaceFirst-ever successful 10 seconds sterilization test on COVID-19.Create sustainable cleaning and hygiene habits to keep COVID-19 out of your home.Eliminate the risk of infe..
Brand: PPE & Covid-19 Model: SYMVID-19
Healthcare Software for Communicable DiseasesOur proprietary software is used to provide multiple benefits to governmentsBarcoded tests are fully traceableData is captured right at POC siteData is uploaded to centralized secure servers meeting ISO complianceData can be further secured by uploading t..
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