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Chemical & Chromatography Services Inc. in Puerto Rico

Camille A. González


Chemical & Chromatography Supplies, Inc.

T: 787.765.7012

C: 787.702.0555

F: 787.753.8587

Infarvet in Colombia

Mr. Manuel Andrade
Sales Director

Infarvet S.A.S (Colombia Only)

Km 1.2 Vía La Argentina, Parque Industrial El Dorado, Bodega 2 and 145

Funza, Cundinamarca-Colombia S.A

e-mail: | |

Phone: +57-1-8269822

Helsynth in Peru

Mr. Carlos Andres Laguna S.

Managing Director

e-mail: |

Phone: (+1) 305 4638669

Fax: +305 4638699

4225 SW 129th Way, Miramar Fl. 33027

H&B in Brazil

Rua Ramos de Azevedo, 79B Bela Vista

Cosmopolis -SP - CEP 13.150-000


Phone: +55 19 3812-5347

Americhem in Central America

Gulyás Judit PharmD, PhD
1134 Budapest
Angyalföldi út 5. I./11.
Hungary |
Tel\Fax.: 0036 1 269 2474

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