Unisol C18, 100A, 5um, 20 x 250mm

Unisol C18, 100A, 5um, 20 x 250mm
Packing : Unisol
Particle Size (µm) : 5
Pore size (Å) : 100
Additional Information :
Packing materialMetal ImpuritySizePore Size Surface AreaEnd CappedCarbon loadpH Range
The Venusil XBP C18 columns have the maximum bonding density therefore the highest hydrophobicity (the lowest polarity). This allows for the least interaction between the analytes and the silanol groups. Venusil XBP columns have extraordinary column stability at high pHs. General HPLC columns for small molecules
Venusil C18<10ppm3µm, 5µm100Å380m^2/gYes22%1.5--10.0
Venusil C8<10ppm3µm, 5µm100Å380m^2/gYes14%1.5--10.0
Venusil C4<10ppm5µm100Å380m^2/gYes7%1.5--10.0
Venusil NH2<10ppm5µm100Å380m^2/gYes1.5--10.0
Venusil CN<10ppm5µm100Å380m^2/gYes6%1.5--10.0
Venusil Phenyl<10ppm5µm100Å380m^2/gYes7.5%1.5--10.0
Venusil Silica<10ppm5µm100Å380m^2/g2.0--8.00
The XBP (L) C18 has an identical bonded phase as XBP C18. However, XBP (L) C18 has relatively low surface area which allows compounds to have reduced retention times. The columns are excellent alternatives to Hypersil BDS-C18, Hypersil BDS-C8; Zorbax XDB-C18, Zorbax XDB-C8 which comparitively could have too much retention. XBP (L) C18 have relatively larger pore size (150Å) and are suitable for the separation of large molecules.
Venusil XBP(L) C18<10ppm5µm150Å200m^2/gYes15%1.5--10.0
Venusil XBP(L) C8<10ppm5µm150Å200m^2/gYes8%1.5--10.0
Venusil XBP (L) Silica<10ppm5µm150Å200m^2/g2.0--8.00
The Venusil XBP C18 (2) column packing material is made with ultra pure silica. The silica surface is processed with patented surface deactivation technology, followed by a unique bonding process that can reduce the carbon content while maintaining a uniform bonding coverage. The Venusil XBP C18 column does not have excessive retention for highly hydrophobic compounds, and it is great for the separation of acidic, basic, and neutral compounds. Moreover, this column also has superb resolution power for isomers. The perfect peak symmetry offered by this RP column makes it a great first-choice for HPLC method development
VVenusil XBP (2) C18<10ppm3µm, 5µm100Å380m^2/gYes19%1.5--10.0
The Venusil AQ C18 column is designed for the separation of polar, medium-polar and non-polar compounds at low to medium pH. This column is more polar than XBP C18, but less polar than ASB C18. With a special surface treatment, Venusil AQ C18 is made to be compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases, and it can be used to replace Waters Symmetry, Inertsil C18, Zorbax SB, Atlantis dC18, and other AQ columns.
Venusil AQ C18<10ppm3µm, 5µm100Å380m^2/gYes18%1.5--9.0
The Venusil ASB series columns are specially designed for the separation of polar compounds from low (extremely stable at pH=1.0) to medium pH. The stationary phase is bonded with unique bulky silanes that sterically protect the siloxane bond. This column can be used to replace Zorbax SB
Venusil ASB C18<10ppm3µm,5µm150Å200m^2/gYes12%0.8--7.5
Venusil ASB C8<10ppm3µm,5µm150Å200m^2/gYes7%0.8--7.5
Venusil ASB C18<10ppm5µm300Å200m^2/gYes12%0.8--7.5
Venusil ASB C8<10ppm5µm300Å200m^2/gYes7%0.8--7.5
Promosil: Using the silica of high-purity and high mechanical strength, the Promosil C18s are made with high-purity monosilane through well controlled bonding process. They have high surface bonding coverage and completely capped. The carbon content is as much as 18%. They are stable at pH range 1.5-9.0 showing good peak shape for acidic and basic compounds. They have excellent tolerance of contamination and long life-time. They are the best choice of high performance-to-cost value
Promosil C18<10ppm5µm100Å320m^2/gYes18%1.5--9.0
Promosil C8<10ppm5µm100Å320m^2/gYes10%1.5--9.0
Promosil CN<10ppm5µm100Å320m^2/gYes05%1.5--9.0
Promosil Silica<10ppm5µm100Å320m^2/gYes2.0--8.5
Durashell: High pH range of 1.5-12.0. Different from the current marketed high pH products, Durashell’s stationary phase is made with a dentrimer technology followed by molecular modifications.Our technology produces a strong hydrophobic protection layer over the silica surface allowing the columns to be used at extremely high and low pH. This technology also reduces excessive hydrophobic interactions between the stationary phase and the compounds, and yet maintains great interfacial kinetics for high efficienc.
Durashell C18<10ppm3µm,5µm150Å240m^2/gYes15%1.5--12.0
Optimix: optimized column selectivity and balanced retention for hydrophilic and hydrophobic compounds. It delivers the extension of retaining polar compounds and non-excessive retention of strong hydrophobic molecules
Optimix C18/C8<30ppm3µm,5µm100Å380m^2/gYes
Optimix C18/Amide<30ppm3µm,5µm100Å380m^2/gYes
Optimix C18/CN<30ppm3µm,5µm100Å380m^2/gYes
Optimix C18/Phenyl<30ppm3µm,5µm100Å380m^2/gYes
Optimix C18/SCX<30ppm3µm,5µm100Å380m^2/gYes
Unisol: 100% Water Compatible and Universal Reversed Phase. A unique and universal C18 HPLC phase made by patented Unisol Technology. This packing demonstrated unprecedented separation performance for compounds with a wide range of properties from hydrophilic to hydrophobic: polar, semi-polar and non-polar compounds
Unisol C18<30ppm3µm,5µm100Å410m^2/gYes17%1.5--9.0
Unisol Amide<30ppm3µm,5µm100Å,300Å410m^2/gYes1.5--9.0

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    Catalogue Number: 50-UO952520-0
    Packing: Unisol
    Phase: C18
    Particle Size (µm): 5
    Pore size (Å): 100
    USP Code: L1
    ID(mm): 20
    Length(mm): 250
    Similar Packing: Sunfire, Atlantis, Luna, SB-Aq, Inertsil ODS-3
  • Brand: GS-TEK
  • Availability: In Stock

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