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Protein Tools / BIAcore (SPR)

Symtera Analytics has expanded its analytical services to include BIAcore. This powerful technology allows label – free study of both large molecules, such as proteins, nucleic acids and carbohydrates, and small molecules. In the heart of this technology is Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) effect (please see the video on this page explaining its principles). Our lab is equipped with several SPR instruments including the industry standard BIAcore 3000 (General Electric Healthcare Life Sciences).

BIAcore technology can measure multiple parameters important for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical researchers:

       Protein/protein, protein/small molecule or peptide interactions, nucleic acid interactions

       Direct binding

      kinetics of interaction – kon, koff

      equilibrium binding - KD

       Competitive binding assays – KD

       Concentration measurements with and without standards

       Binding affinity with 10 pM<KD<1 mM,

       Kinetics - kon <107M-1sec-1, 10-5sec-1<koff<1sec-1


It is a powerful tool to screen chemical libraries for the identification of new pharmaceuticals.